Hangzhou sisoll Electronic Co., Ltd.

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                            Static electricity equipments
                            Company info
                            Hangzhou sisoll Electronic Co., Ltd.Sisoll Electronic Co., Ltd. is the sole proprietorship enterprise invested by Zhejiang Ansoil (China). It is a high tech enterprise which integrates the R&D, production and sales of safety protective, energy saving and environment protective electronics equipments products. The enterprise is located in Hangzhou where is known as Silicon Valley Paradise. For years, it imported international advanced technology, instrument and cooperated with many famous research institutes. It has taken up advantages in domestic safety protective, energy saving and environment protective electronics products based on ever lasting S&T innovation and leading the technology.
                            The enterprise is the long term technology supporter and supplier of many large scale energy groups. It has agencies in Ningbo, Wenzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing, Xiamen, Xi’an, Shenzhen and so on which can provide completed solution and fast service.
                            seriesThe enterprise adheres to the enterprise philosophy to be “credit, practical, innovation and development” to take Create mutual value and win-win future as the core value system, high lights safety, environment protective and energy saving products, It has developed the following products:
                            Safety protective equipments:
                            The industrial static electricity protective equipments developed by the company: Human body static electricity remover, explosion-proof static electricity alerter, iron wind machine, iron wind gun, static electricity removing bar, iron wind mouth, static electricity test instrument, dust-free room vacuum cleaner, static electricity producer, static electricity ink-taking equipments and so on which can be widely used in oil fields, chemical, natural gas, electronic, plastic rubber, printing, textile, film and micro-biology industry and so on.
                            Energy saving equipments:
                            sensitive Heating:High frequency sensitive HeatingHigh frequency sensitive Heating sensitive Heating
                            High efficient energy saving sensitive heating equipment developed by the company: high frequency sensitive heating machine, super frequency sensitive heating machine, middle frequency heating machine can so on can be used in metal processing industry, welding, and so on.
                            Environment protective equipments:
                            The environment protective energy saving heat conduction silicone grease(white, silver, gold and gray) can be mainly used as the heating transform medium of electronic parts to increase working efficiency and using life. The series products have passed the International SGS Certification. They completely pass the ROHS Standard and the products are safe and reliable. They can be widely used in CPU radiator, VGA radiator, liquid crystal indicator, photo electricity, electrical, house wires, LED and so on.
                            The company aims to be the leader in safety environment protective and energy saving electronic products and contribute to the industrial progress, safety, environment protective, energy saving and harmonious environment.
                            Welcome all the customers both new and old from all walks to the enterprise!
                            Hangzhou sisoll Electronic Co., Ltd.
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